BlueStacks allows you to run your android applications on a windows system.

This Android application player brings Android to your PC.



  • Version 0.8.12 Beta
  • language english
  • license Full Version
  • system Win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • downloads 18180
  • file size: 12.5 MB


The free beta version of BlueStacks App Player enables you to simply use Android apps on your Windows PC. The more popular the Android platform gets, the more apps spring up for the mobile operating system. And quite a few Android apps are good enough that you'd want to use them on your PC, too. BlueStacks App Player makes this possible. Even the beta version, which is available to download for free here, lets you use many Android apps, recommended by BlueStacks itself, on the desktop, including Evernote and Fruit Ninja. There can be a few problems when it comes to messaging app WhatsApp, if you use the same mobile number that you've used for WhatsApp on the smartphone. Alternatively, you can use the free Android app BlueStacks Cloud Connect to synch apps, which you have on your mobile phone already, with the desktop client BlueStacks App Player. As BlueStacks App Player is still in beta, a few features for Android apps haven't been implemented fully. You control it just as on the touchscreen with the mouse arrow replacing the tip of your finger. Multi touch gestures are therefore initially not possible but in many cases you can fall back on your keyboard. For individual apps you can set the screen size separately, depending on whether the app has been created for smartphones or tablets. Verdict: Although BlueStacks App Player is still in beta, the Android OS' desktop emulation already wows us. A lot of apps work very well already and especially the synchronisation of your Android apps from mobile device to desktop has been solved downright cleverly via BlueStacks Cloud Connect. Unfortunately, there are problems with the account set-up especially in messaging apps like WhatsApp. Even if you do manage it, your mobile phone may end up not working with WhatsApp any more as two devices can't use the same mobile number.