CPU-Z provides information regarding the performance of your PC's hardware.

An easy-to-use software with useful information about your system. Related article: How to Produce a Hardware Report with CPU-Z



  • Version 1.70.0
  • language english
  • license Freeware
  • system Windows
  • downloads 6346
  • file size: 1.4 MB


CPU-Z displays comprehensive information about processor, cache, mainboard and RAM. If you want to tune your system or are just interested in which hardware components are tucked into your machine, you should get this freeware tool. Arranged in clear registers CPU-Z puts together hard facts about processor, cache, mainboard and central memory. Who knows the associativity grade of the L1 or L2 cache or the manufacturer description of RAM components - the little program reveals it. With a few additional tools important data can be exported as a text or HTML file: for example a list storage timing data or a table with mainboard components including the associated register configuration. In the new version 1.66x CPU-Z supports the new AMD and Intel processors and masters Windows 8.1. More information you can find in the release notes of the manufacturer. Verdict: With CPU-Z you can really probe your system. The little tool provides information about your system components, but a benchmark feature would be desirable to evaluate the data better. Use GPU-Z, from a different manufacturer, to find out more about your graphics card. Note: The installer comes with a toolbar and wants to change your browser settings. You should prevent both by unticking the corresponding boxes.