Google Earth

Google Earth makes it possible to zoom from space to your home town. Checkout the video below to see what's new in Google Earth 6.

Google Earth is full of interesting information and a community of users are forever creating add-ons that add further depth to this already amazing program. Also checkout our tab=5



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  • system Win 2000, Win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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A new version of Google Earth, which you can use to discover the whole words from the ground and the air. Google Earth compiles satellite, air and ground views in high resolution and provides great 3D maps from almost all areas of the world. In a lot of big cities you can walk through the streets and explore the environment almost like the real thing. You can also use the free program as a route planner. Just set the start and destination and the program calculates a detailed route for your journey. Thanks to a lot of survey data and overlay information about towns and branches of business Google Earth is also suitable as an excellent search engine for branches. In addition, you can inform yourself about the oceans and their flora and fauna. The so-called Google Ocean mode presents the underwater world in 3D, enhanced with films, pictures and text. If you want to, you can also explore moon, Mars and stars. 3D models, photos and historical TV recordings invite you to dwell. In addition, you can import GPS data into the software and the developers promise tour guides for 11,000 spots on the whole world and an increasing number of cities that are completely available in 3D. The new version 7.1.x will make it possible to navigate Google Earth with hand gestures thanks to special hardware or supported devices with Leap Motion. Paid-for version with more features The manufacturer offers an extended pro version (seven day demo) of the software that distinguishes itself with a better resolution and various additional materials. To get the plus version, you need to update the free edition with 'help/upgrade'. Verdict: Excellent! It's just fun to fly all over the globe and to discover new places.