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Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield protects your PC when you are using freely accessible WLAN hotspots and also allows you to privately access IP specific content, including foreign TV broadcasts.

Hotspot Shield offers several security tools to protect your anonymity and to encrypt data traffic. How To: Install Hotspot Shield on your iPhone or iPod Touch Gallery: Hotspot Shield



  • Version 3.42
  • language english
  • license Freeware
  • system Win 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Win XP
  • downloads 991998
  • file size: 637 KB


The VPN Client "Hotspot Shield" allows you to surf on an American IP address. You surf anonymously on the net and, at the same time, protect your computer in open wireless hotspots. Wireless hotspots are indeed a fine thing to use to surf the Internet on the go. But wireless access to the net also has its downsides. After all, you do not know who else is with you on the wireless network.

Conventional software offers you absolutely no protection from hackers. But with "Hotspot Shield", you are on the safe side. The freeware equips the computer that you want to connect wirelessly to the Internet with a handful of security tools that preserve your anonymity and encrypt the data traffic .

Almost every Internet connection will be routed through a US proxy, in order to surf virtually "anonymously". Nice side effect: In Germany, blocked websites, like or the online music radio Pandora, can now be accessed here too, with "Hotspot Shield".

Please note: When surfing with "Hotspot Shield", a banner ad will be displayed on every website. Every so often, an advertising link will also need to be clicked, in order to see the "normal" website. During installation, you should deselect the toolbar offered; this is not necessary. Anyone wanting to use "Hotspot Shield" ad-free, will have to use the paid Elite Mode.

In conclusion: Naivety is often bitterly punished. That's why, as a precaution, you should protect yourself with "Hotspot Shield", if you frequently use wireless hotspots. Keep in mind that the surfing speed is reduced through the use of the tool. You can use the version offered here for free, but you must endure a lot of additional banner ads. Therefore, we only recommend using the tool briefly and with "normal" surfing turned off.