Minecraft Demo (PC Gamer)

This special demo version of Minecraft offers much more functions than Minecraft Classic.

This special version of Minecraft by PC Gamer lets you play the full version for 90 minutes before the environment gets locked. You then have to start a new game.



  • Version 1.5
  • language english
  • license Demo
  • system Windows
  • downloads 3298
  • file size: 4.0 MB


Free demo: Version 1.6.2 of the gaming hit Minecraft is now available to download and offers more gaming fun than ever before. In Minecraft you initially start in a gigantic 3D landscape. Then you need to change this world that completely consists of cubes as you like. During the day you can quarry materials and discover the environment without disturbances. But as soon as the night falls, all kinds of monsters crawl from their hiding places and hunt you - therefore you should quickly gain some weapons and armour. In the creative modus, however, the villains are unable to harm you - ideal to let your imagination run wild. Minecraft 1.6 is now there. The comparatively small feature update introduces new animals (horses and donkeys), blocks and items to the world. Mojang also still offers an independent server version. The new demo mode enables undecided players to test Minecraft for five gaming days (100 minutes). To be able to do this, you need to register for free just as for the paid for version. After the log-in you can then choose the Play Demo button in the Minecraft launcher. Once the demo period is over, you can create a new world or get the full version. Verdict: Minecraft promises a lot of absorbing adventures at the PC, despite its unusual look. Note: The download includes the setup of Minecraft that automatically updates itself after the installation. To be able to play Minecraft, you need to register on the official Minecraft site. Then start the demo mode or buy the full version for about Û20. How you can do that without credit card or PayPal, we reveal here.