Notepad++ is a text editor with syntax highlighting.

Additional plugins can be downloaded from the publisher´s website.



  • Version 6.6.8
  • language english
  • license Freeware
  • system Windows
  • downloads 6922
  • file size: 7.6 MB


Notepad++ is a small text editor that removes a lot of limitations of the Windows Notepad. The little download, for example, offers the most important features of a full text editor. Notepad++ also knows the syntaxes of all the popular programming languages. But Notepad++ also starts up fast and is economical in the use of resources. More than anything, the tool supports you and your work with syntax highlighting, multi-display, drag and drop, autocompletion and lots more. As Notepad++ is open source, a few plug-ins have been released, which make the work even easier. You can select and deselect these directly during the installation. Version 6.4.x fixes errors and comes with a few little changes. What they are in detail, you can find out on the homepage of the manufacturer. Verdict: Apart from all the big programming languages like C++, Java, XML, HTML, SQL and PHP, Notepad++ knows a lot small languages. Unfortunately, the ease of use suffers from the amount of practical features: a lot of menus seem overloaded and the interface is a little bit old school.