SpeedFan allows you to control the speed of your CPU fans.

Hint: You have to delete the file "SPEEDFANSENS.CFG" if you are updating from a previous version.



  • Version 4.50
  • language english
  • license Freeware
  • system Windows
  • downloads 5126
  • file size: 2.1 MB


The free tool SpeedFan controls the speed of your CPU fan. It features a fan control for more than 20\. different mainboards and reads up to three temperature values (CPU, mainboard and mains adaptor). You can control the speed of the fan manually to lower the noise level or to improve the cooling of your CPU. Ideal for overclocking: if you want to overclock your processor, we recommend the installation of this tool to regulate the performance of the cooler. Verdict: With the right settings you can trace overheating problems with SpeedFan, decrease the noise level of the computer, and increase the battery performance. Before you use it, however, you should definitely grapple with the subject because it could lead to significant hardware problems otherwise.