TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak enables you to communicate with online co-players in real time with a headset.

Unfortunately, the free download isn’t compatible with VoIP telecommunications and you will also need a headset or microphone and speakers.



  • Version v3.0.16
  • language english
  • license Freeware
  • system Windows
  • downloads 13830
  • file size: 48.9 MB


Version 3 of the free TeamSpeak software lets you communicate with the other players via headset during online games. Thus, you will know, for example, where your friends are in a tactical shooter. TS3 uses the codecs CELP, GSM and Speex that offer a bandwidth of 5.1 KBit/s up to 25.9 Kbit/s. This saves the online connection without having to put up with audio quality losses. To use TeamSpeak, you need to log in on a TeamSpeak server with the client software. Of course you can also set up your own server that you can administer conveniently with a web user interface. There are a lot of features such as an address book to administer various servers or a whisper function, which don't leave you wanting. Unfortunately, the free tool is not compatible with VoIP yet. To use TeamSpeak properly, you need a headset or a microphone and speaker. Version 3 not only comes with a more modern look but also offers improved speech quality and latencies as well as a few comfort functions. You can find the official changelog on the site of the manufacturer. Verdict: The ultimate communication tool - not just for gamers. A 64 bit version is also available.