WinSCP is an open source SFTP client and FTP client for Windows.

A little handy tool, especially when you have Linux computers in your network or something like that.



  • Version 5.5.5
  • language english
  • license Freeware
  • system Windows
  • downloads 2051
  • file size: 4.4 MB


WinSCP is a free client that allows you to use Secure Copy on Windows.

Your files are securely exchanged between two computers through an SSH connection (Secure Shell). The transmission of all data is encrypted.

Anyone who wants to connect from a client via SSH to a remote computer just needs this client. An SSH server must be running on the server. WinSCP supports SSH1 and the new standard, SSH2, which authenticates the user, either through ID and password or through an RSA or DSA key. The tool also offers FTP support.

It is convenient that you can save frequently used connections in a session list. This includes host name and username, the port number, the private key as well as the compression rate, the SSH version, the encryption algorithm and several special parameters. The tool also offers FTP support.

In conclusion: With WinSCP, the security standard of Unix and Linux is also achieved with Windows.