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CHIP Digital GmbH

CHIP Digital GmbH (“CHIP” herein) takes data protection seriously and would like to explain to you, by means of this data protection statement, what data is absolutely needed, how we use it and how you can correct or modify your information. Our attitude is that the protection of your privacy is of greatest importance. Therefore, our observance of the strict statutory requirements on data protection goes without saying. According to our firm conviction, data protection begins with transparency. It is therefore our concern that you at all times know when we save your data, what data we save and how we use it, but also how you restrict or prevent its use. 


1. What is personal data? 


Personal data is all information about the personal and factual circumstances of a particular or identifiable person. This includes information and data such as your (correct) name, your address or other mailing address and the telephone number. Your e-mail address is also included in this if it relates to your name in such a way that you are identifiable. Information which cannot assist with determining your identity is not included in this. Such information, for example, is all data without any relation to your name – for example, only stating the gender or age or education. 


2. When and why is your personal data gathered and saved? 

2.1 We always ask for your name, address and additional necessary information when you, for example, order a product, enter a sweepstakes, use a personalized or interactive service, subscribe to a newsletter or wish to order a product. In such cases, that personal data is requested which is necessary for the respective service and its personalization. 

2.2 For our registered users (“members”) we save a member name, an e-mail address and the password for identification. We require this data in order to be able to distinguish our users from each other and to contact you. The identifying data remain saved for as long as the membership exists. 

2.3 For users who do not register on CHIP or, but instead sign up through third-party sites such as Facebook or Google, we save, for the purpose of identification, your account name, e-mail address and the general details of your respective accounts that you have made publicly visible in the security settings of those websites. We need this data in order to distinguish between users with foreign accounts and to be able to contact you. We only receive this data if you explicitly agree to the relevant third-party transmission of data.

2.4 All of your personal information is saved on a specially protected server at CHIP and only used for the purposes that you have announced to us. 

3. What is the situation with IP addresses, etc.? 


When you access this website, possible identifying data (IP address) and additional information (data, time, page viewed) are saved on our server for purposes of data security. No analysis is made of the data, except for statistical purposes and then only in anonymised form (i.e. IP addresses shortened by several numbers or encrypted in another numerical sequence; for this purpose, see the section “Creation of Usage Profiles”). 


4. Use and disclosure of personal data 

4.1 CHIP uses your personal information only within the company and only discloses it to those enterprises which are engaged to perform the contracts executed with you or otherwise for rendering services. Otherwise, your personal data is not disclosed to third parties unless you have given your express consent or we are obligated to release it, due to a court or administrative order, for example. 

4.2 Please consider that the information that is made public, as in the forum area for instance, is available to other members and other users of the offering. Therefore, before publishing your contributions, you should carefully check whether they contain information that is not intended for the public. You must assume that your contributions will be recorded in search machines and will be accessible worldwide even without intentionally calling up our offering. It is frequently not possible to delete or correct such entries with foreign operators. In addition, there is no right with respect to CHIP for the deletion of such data. 

5. Cookies 


Cookies are small text files that can be saved on the hard drive of the visitor to a website. They make it possible to place personal preferences for you on the website. Cookies are also used by CHIP to analyze the use of the website in anonymised or pseudonymised form, particularly online advertising, to save general preferences of a user and to present special offers and services on the websites that are of interest to the user based on his preferences. Such data are potentially augmented with additional demographic data (e.g. age and gender) in the case of onsite surveys. This will also be indicated to you separately with the onsite survey. In addition, for example, anonymous user statistics are generated and the data used for market research purposes. However, data will not be provided to any of the ad customers which will permit an inference to a specific person. It is also possible to use our offerings without cookies, but then not all functions are usable. Most browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. However, you may deactivate the storing of cookies or set your browser in such a way that it notifies you as soon as cookies are sent. 


6. Creation of usage profiles 

We or third-party firms gather information on the use of our offerings without reference to personal information. By pseudonymising and anonymising the acquired information, your privacy remains protected at all times because the information does not permit any inferences to individual persons. In particular it can result in the creation of corresponding user profiles in the following two cases: 

6.1 Use of analysis tools (webtracking) 

Just like almost every website operator, we use analytical tools in the form of tracking software to calculate the frequency of use and the number of users of our website. Thus we use Google Analytics®, a web analytics service by Google Inc., as well as SiteCatalyst®, a web analytics service by Adobe®. This tracking software uses so-called cookies that are saved on the computer of a user and make it technically possible to analyze the use of the website (see Cookies section). The information on the use of this website produced by the cookie is used to compile reports on the activities on our website and to produce other services associated with website usage. In the process, your IP address is made unrecognizable and thereby anonymised. With this software, neither we nor the operators of the respective analytical tools are able to gather personal information that permits inferences concerning the identity of the users. On the indicated websites of the companies named, you can find further details concerning web tracking and data protection of these suppliers and their technology: 

Google Ireland Limited

Adobe SiteCatalyst Limited 

If you want to prevent a corresponding anonymised user profile from being drawn up in the course of a web analysis, you can prevent this as follows: On the one hand, you can prevent the installation of the corresponding cookies with the aid of a simple process in your browser (see Cookies section). On the other hand, you can at any time directly object to the named companies concerning a use. For this, please use the following links: 

Google Ireland Limited
Click on the page on the “Download deactivation add on for browser” button. 

Adobe SiteCatalyst Limited
Click on the “opt out” button at the end of the page. 


6.2 Use of usage-based advertising (behavioural advertising) 

Third-party enterprises conduct advertising in various forms (banner, pop up, etc.) on the websites of CHIP. In order to configure the selection of the displayed advertising appealingly and as responsive to interests as possible, a usage-based selection process (behavioural advertising) is used for the ad insertions. For this, data with usage information (visited websites, number of visits, time of visits, length of visit on individual pages, etc.) is saved on the hard disk of the user by means of so-called cookies (see Cookies section). These usage profiles are anonymised and analysed in a technical (statistical) evaluation process in order to subsequently facilitate a selection that is related to the interests of the respective user in displaying the advertising. This process is also called behavioural targeting. In no case are personal data, such as name, address, and e-mail address, saved in the cookies. The IP address is transmitted to the service provider in the process, but saved and further processed there only in shortened or encrypted form (i.e. replaced by another numerical sequence which does not permit any inferences to be made concerning the numerical sequence of the original IP and cannot be traced back). The behavioural targeting on our websites is operated by us and partly by third-party companies that also conduct advertising for websites of other suppliers. These third-party enterprises then personally compile these usage profiles by means of cookies and use their respective targeting systems to cull the collected data for the purpose of user-targeted advertising. This involves the following companies: 

TOMORROW FOCUS Portal GmbH AdAudience GmbH, Pilot 1/0 GmbH

GroupM Competence Center GmbH

Mediascale GmbH

Google Ireland Limited GmbH

On the indicated websites of the companies named, you can find further information on data protection and behavioural targeting of these suppliers and their technology. Naturally, here as well you always have the option of preventing corresponding pseudonymised or anonymised user profiles from being drawn up in the context of behavioural targeting. You can object to a corresponding use with respect to the named companies at any time. For this, please use the following links: 

TOMORROW FOCUS Portal GmbH AdAudience GmbH, Pilot 1/0 GmbH

At the foot of the page, make a checkmark at “Do not recognize my browser” and click on “Change Privacy”. 


Make a checkmark at “Please do not let my browser participate in” and click on “Save”.


Click on the “AD COOKIE OPT OUT” button at the end of the page.


Click on the “Cookie opt out” button at the end of the page.

In the lowest box in the right column, click the “OPT OUT” button. 

7. Use of the Facebook “like” button 


CHIP integrates the so-called "Like" button of the social network within the scope of its web offerings. This particular service is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook "). The button is identified with the Facebook logo and the word "Like". Click on the button and you are prompted to log into Facebook in a new window. In this case, a Facebook cookie is placed on your computer and the corresponding information is transmitted directly to Facebook where it is stored and assigned to your Facebook profile. For information on the purpose and extent of the collection of data and the further processing and use of the data by Facebook as well as your setting options for the protection of your privacy please consult the Privacy Policy of Facebook.

If you visit a page of our website that contains the button, but do not click the button or are not logged into Facebook, no Facebook cookie will be placed on your computer.  Your browser is however creating a direct connection to the servers of Facebook. The content of the plugin is delivered directly from Facebook to your browser and then incorporated in the website.

If you visit a page with the "Like" button, the IP address is sent to Facebook. For privacy reasons this is however anonymous, so that no identification of the computer or user is possible.


8. Information, right to object, questions 

8.1 You may, at any time and without charge, request immediate information about your person or on any data saved for a pseudonym assigned to you. We reserve the right to issue this information electronically. In addition, you have the right to object to the further future use of your personal data at any time. The simplest way is for you to take care of it as a member by modifying or deleting the relevant information or terminating your membership altogether.  The modified or deleted information is not retained by us.

In case of a request for information or an objection, you must supply adequate information for individualization (at least member name, e-mail address and password) and produce valid proof that the information belongs to you. In such cases or for other questions on our data protection, contact:

E-mail: ;

By mail: Data Protection Officer, CHIP Digital GmbH, Poccistraße 11, 80336 Munich, Germany 

8.2 Additional information for registration and deregistration of newsletters is available on the pages for Newsletter Registration. 


9. Reservation of right to amend 


We reserve the right to modify this data protection statement from time to time with due regard to the statutory provisions. 

Version: August 2013